RTI ACT, 2005

RTI Act 2005 is one of the most effective pieces of legislation enacted by the parliament of India since independence. The act provides a mechanism for access to information to citizen of India. This access to citizens forces the officials to remain transparent and helps in holding them accountable.
      To make the process of collecting and supplying information easy and practicable, formats for various purposes such as application, notices u/s 5(4)& (5) demanding money from applicant, supply information, file appeal etc. have been given/considered.

Salient Features:

A citizen of India has right to information under it, only.

There is no need to give reason for seeking information.

RTI act is concerned with existing information only.

An appeal should be in English or Hindi language only.
                                                                           Dr. SATVIR SINGH, SPIO
                                                                  PT. NRS Govt. College, ROHTAK