Welcome to the Neki Ram Sharma Govt. College Dear Visitor

Pt. Neki Ram Sharma Govt. College, Rohtak provides quality education of Post Graduate,Graduate and Honors level to both boys and girls. This College was established as Govt. Intermediate College in 1927. It was upgraded to a Govt. Degree College in 1944. The administrative control of this College was taken over by Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak in July 1980. The College was named as University College, Rohtak. The Haryana State Government took back the administrative control of this College in April 2006. Now this College is known as Pandit Neki Ram Sharma Government College, Rohtak. The College has made a steady progress in academic, cultural and intellectual fields.

  1. Vision

    • Our vision is to be a modal institution. We see forward to becoming known nationally as an institution that "makes a difference."      

    • Lifelong learning, ethics, quality improvement, civility, and respect are principles that our college embraces and practises.

    • We sustain rigour in our work- Holding high standards and expectations for our students and ourselves, and we approach our work with compassion, honesty and integrity.


    • To inspire students to learn and to develop intellectually, physically and emotionally

    • To be an institution willing to fuel students' ambitions and the desire for success.

    • To inspire students to continue learning throughout life and to pursue excellence.

    • To prepare and empower students to be successful in our increasingly diverse and ever-changing world

    • To develop and practice ethics.

    • To sustain close working relationships among faculty, students, alumni, and community partner

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